Here lay the remnants of a beautiful Silver Maple Tree, cut down in this neigbourhood and originally destined for a landfill.

Follow along as we salvage this tree. Taking it from it’s current raw form and transforming it into beautiful one of a kind furniture and decor.


This is the form we received the tree in. It had been cut into a handful of logs, that once were the trunk and larger primary branches of the tree. In this form the logs will sit and begin the seasoning process (drying). Some logs are seasoned for months to years before they are every cut into lumber. This allows the log to stabilize at a lower moisture content and helps the tree relieve some of the internal stresses inside the lumber. In are case will allow the tree to site for a couple months or so until we begin the next stage.

Stage 2 - Milling

During the millling stage we will cut these logs into live, edge slabs and cookies. This process requires the use of special equipment. There are a hand full of different styles of mills that exist today. For our project we have brought in a a sawyer who uses a type of mill called and Alaskan Mill, otherwise known as a chainsaw mill. Meet David Clarke from @barncompantdc. Dave is a live edge lumber supplier for the GTA region and also offers an onsite milling service. Dave has some pretty cool equipment, including this large 72″ bar and Alaskan mill attachment you see him using in this picture. With his help we are now well on our way into milling this tree into usable lumber. If you are interested in purchasing live edge lumber or having your own tree milled into lumber I suggest you start by contacting dave.