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HUDS-ON Woodworking Inc. is a Toronto based woodworking Company that designs and builds custom, one of a kind, handmade furniture, accessories and decor for both commercial and residential applications. 

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Cory Hudson is the Creator and Operator of HUDS-ON woodworking. He has a Long History of carpentry, manufacturing and entrepreneurship. His latest venture HUDS-ON, represents his expression of Art, Creation, Love and Family. 

“I am heavily connected and passionate in HUDS-ON. The work ties me to my roots, fond memories of working with my father and grandfather as a child. Every piece I build is a tribute to the life skills, morals and passion my family has passed on to me. Hence the name, HUDS-ON , HUDS being a common nick name for the men in my family and ON meaning the continuation of.”

cory hudson - HUDS_ON